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Day trip to Essaouira

Our vehicle will be parked next to the hotel at 07:30 a.m ,the departure is at 08:00 a.m ,the 170 km road to Essaouira city , Mogador, takes 2 hours and 30 minutes .Mogador, or Essaouira city, is one of the most relaxing and exotic city in Morocco and is still a perfect tourist destination for so many reasons. On the road to Essaouira, you will get astonished with the limitless fields of Argan trees which only grow in Morocco. It's also a good occasion for the tourists to see and taste Argan oil which is considered the most important medical, healthy and esthetic oil in the whole world.

The arrival is at 11:00 a.m ,while the pedestrian visit starts with making visits to Essaouira wonders : Ramparts, Skala, Port, Mellah, fish and spices markets, and the ancient Jewish and Christian cemeteries.

Essaouira is an out of time pearl. It's a cross-cultural medina/city situating Ait Haha (Amazigh tribe) and Chiadma (Arab tribe) without neglecting the Gnaoua influence of the people coming from the black Africa. That's why a tourist can feel and see fascinating arts of artisan works, painting, Gnaoua music and making of glamorous Amazigh carpets.

The coming of the Jewish community to Essaouira helped a lot in the prosperity of the city . Thanks to its moderate climate( the temperature is always about 25°C ) , many foreign artists, writers ,comedians and musicians decided to settle down there . That's the reason why the UNESCO has classified the city as a universal patrimony which pushes the city council to do what it takes to make Essaouira a clean and inspiring coastal town. At the end of the day, we get you back to Marrakesh to let you lay down at the hotel or Riad.