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Prices and regulations

Conditions of sale
The displayed prices are basic .They can be varied according to the number of the clients, the season and the category of the lodging.
  • Lodging: Hotels, hostel, bivouac.
  • Semi- pension with dinner and breakfast.
  • The transport, a full charge whether at the airport or at the hotel, Riad or where you stay till the departure.
  • Toyota 4x4 car or air-conditioned minibus.
  • Fuel.
Not included
  • Breakfast.
  • Drinks.
  • Paid entrances of visits and local guides. -Personal expenditures
  • The flight tickets.
Styles of the accepted regulations :

We accept the regulations through bank transfer to Morocco, administrative mandate or cash.

Advance payment:
30% to the booking by order. The pay is on the departure day.

Cancellation takes place :
  • If the advance payment is not reimbursed within three weeks.
  • If the advance payment is not 40% reimbursed within four weeks / two months before the deadline.
  • If the deadline of the advance payment Exceeds four months and is not 100% reimbursed.
  • If you are Less than 12 years, you will benefit from 30 % reduction.
You also get a reduction on :
  • The 20th January and the 20th February.
  • The 20th June and 30th July.
Why Capdunes ? :
  • You can save your time and energy because our prices are the lowest.
  • All of our excursions are guaranteed.
  • You get the ride to the excursion and we will get you back to the hotel.
  • Our excursions are privative.
  • Your advance payment validates your reservation and your pay is at the departure of the excursion.