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Marrakech to Ourika Valley

Ourika Valley , situated in the heart of the Highest Atlas, is a close tourist destination to Marrakech to make an excursion too. The valley has rich cultural, historic, artisanal, and cooking backgrounds .It's known for it's beautiful landscape of all colours all the way to "Sti Fatma" . It's also for it's remarkable olive-mills such as; Dar Kaid Ouriki , Rhemat . Amazigh villages are scattered on the mountains.

On the road to "Sti Fatma" , the valley becomes narrow as we arrive at the picturesque "Aghbalo" village(1500 m of altitude) surrounded by juglans and cherry trees .A guide company is inevitable if the decision is made to climb the mountain to get to"Sti Fatma Waterfalls".